Auto Body Parts Supplier

Automobile Body Parts Supply

Pacific Auto Company carries an extensive line of automotive replacement lamps: head lamp assemblies, fog lamp assemblies, corner light assemblies, tail light assemblies, front and rear side markers, parking lights and signal lights and more for nearly all makes and designs. These lights are produced and evaluated vigorously to ensure the best quality, sturdiness, fit, and safety. PAC products most exceptional market brand names for aftermarket lamp replacement products, all of which meet SAE/DOT requirements. We likewise carry a large selection of CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) accredited replacement lights to guarantee that the products are OE comparable in function, kind and fit. PAC works carefully with our suppliers to carry lights for the most current models to keep up with the ever-changing vehicle market.


Automobile Body Supplies

PALCO Dashtop ™ covers are developed to fit over the existing dash, adding protection and individualized styling. We even bring replacement panels for choose Chevrolet and Ford trucks. All PALCO vinyl products can be dyed utilizing SEM ® paints, which we bring internal.


Car Body Parts

Eastwood has grown from modest starts, starting in a Philadelphia garage in 1978, to one of America's largest DIY and vehicle body stores. Along the way, we have gotten prominent awards, such as Popular Mechanic's ™ Magazine Editor's Choice Award in 2011 and 2012, without ever forgetting our roots. Our continued neighborhood ties imply that customer care and satisfaction is our number 1 top priority, indicating we're always here for you. Choose Eastwood-- and get the job done right.


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What a complete f *** n joke! this so called "biz" does not even respond to, keep in mind it's a cell phone, informed me to satisfy him in a random location, never ever revealed up2 deliver parts, never addressed, nor responded2 texts! Not surprising that their not in biz no more !!


Auto Body Parts Supply

Worst customer support I've ever had. Placed an order on Thurs and representative told me I 'd receive my order by Weds no issue considering that the part was local. Today I got it (Saturday ). Automobile was apart waiting to be painted and I'm disabled in a chair-- so being without 4 wheels to obtain me around was beyond troublesome. Operators on the other end just offering me the run-around as to where my package was. Never ever gotten a tracking # to boot. They also push sale you into purchasing a ONE TIME USE life-time guarantee $19 + modification ... exactly what the heck is that all about??? Simply horrible place to buy parts from ... having a customized adaptive PT constructed and definitely not investing my $ there. Look somewhere else for your parts.


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Bumpers are the most damage prone part on a cars and truck. They are normally the first point of contact in a crash and take in most of the shock and strength of an effect reducing damage to other parts. Pacific Auto Company supplies bumpers made from strong sheet metal or aluminum that help protect your automobile and all of its parts: headlamps, fenders, etc. We use the most competitive prices on all our bumpers, making it easy to discover the perfect replacement bumper at the ideal cost.


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This location is a COMPLETE rip off and individuals working for them are obviously illiterate and dumb. I calleld and requested for a fender for a 2dr coupe for my BMW and the dumb guy offered me a fender for a 4 dr and when I requested for cash back he stated he would not provide it back. Please do not purchase from here.


Door mirrors are one of the most important security features of an automobile. PAC offers a large selection of replacement mirrors for all kinds of cars. Our door mirrors are OE quality and are readily available with both basic and premium functions. Each replacement mirror has been produced to OE specifications utilizing the most current production techniques and quality assurance, including tests versus glass vibration, to ensure optimum fit and performance.


Other replacement parts we bring include: Energy Absorbers, Bumper Reinforcements, Bumper Brackets, Bumper Ends, Bumper Fillers, Bumper Moldings, Inner Fender Aprons, Fender Liners, Fender Extension/Flares, Grille Shells, Grille Moldings, Header Panels, Headlamp Doors, Hood Moldings, Valances, Radiator Supports, Tailgates, Step Bumpers, Mounting Kits, Window Regulators, Mounting Brackets and more.


Automobile Body Parts Wholesale Near Me

Bumper covers are typically built from ABS plastic and help to strengthen and strengthen a bumper by helping to soak up more of the impact and energy in a crash. They are the most prominently included body part for most modern-day automobiles. At PAC, you can be guaranteed that your bumper cover will not only improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, however also help support your bumper with high quality, durability, and reliability.


With AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd., you can discover inner door panels which are a hybrid design of the OEM design, and they come in a total paired set. The door panels themselves include upper weatherstrip, coloured material installed, cushioned arm rests and all fasteners.


Our moulded lorry carpets come in cut-pile, looped or black vinyl with the underlay fused on. You can select the colour you need from the Auto Custom Carpets' site or from the colour samples at our shop.


At AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd., we provide head-liners for trucks that are utilized to replace present liners or include a custom design to your basic pickup. You can even turn the cab of your truck into a vibrant music centre with the featured 4-inch air suspension speakers with a 5.8-ounce magnet which will deal with approximately 10 watts of power. The speakers feature heat resistant voice coils for a tidy, crisp sound.


Car Body Parts Supplier

Positioned order only to have their system put the inaccurate shipping address at checkout They attempted to blame Paypal however Paypal had right Information. So after speaking with 6 people I was informed that they were canceling my order which they did not accept Paypal by among their managers Georgia Torrente who suggested I provide them my charge card number by Phone. After talking to 6 people all of which provided me inaccurate information you expect me to think that my Credit Card Number is safe being offered to someone over the phone I think Not and highly suspect Fraud or Identity Theft. I utilize Paypal for safety and security so if you are not going to accept it as your website states then I will take my business somewhere else


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Return policy blows they deliberately send the wrong parts to obtain your organisation and then say your past you return date and will not reimburse you loan scam fraud fraud purchaser beware wrong parts coming if you purchase BEWARE!!!! and if you have an issue you have to handle someone who speaks no English immigrants of course... Automobile Body Parts Discount

A grille covers the opening at the front of your lorry to permit airflow to the engine and is frequently utilized as a special styling component. Grilles change from model to design as a basic way to update the design of the automobile. Typical areas for the grille include under the hood, in the front bumper, or in the cowl top for cabin ventilation. PAC offers a comprehensive stock of grilles that have actually been manufactured to OE specifications in primed-black or chrome.


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Fenders frame the body's wheel wells and safeguard the automobile from damages and scratches from objects on the road that could be flung into the air by the tires. Our steel and SMC material fenders are produced with accuracy and quality, making sure the most optimum fit and reliability.


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At Eastwood, we have over 4,000+ products to satisfy your every requirement. Whether you're trying to find powder coating, MIG welders, or torque wrenches, you're sure to find it at Eastwood, and at the best price online. Do not forget, all our items feature a life time warranty, which means that if for any reason or at any time, you are dissatisfied with a purchase from Eastwood, you can contact us to fix your problem.



Pacific Auto Company carries a comprehensive line of automobile replacement lights: head light assemblies, fog light assemblies, corner light assemblies, tail lamp assemblies, front and rear side markers, parking lamps and signal lamps and more for practically all models and makes. These lamps are produced and evaluated intensely to guarantee the finest quality, fit, toughness, and security. PAC products most exceptional market brand names for aftermarket light replacement items, all of which satisfy SAE/DOT requirements. With AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd., you can find inner door website panels which are a hybrid design of the OEM style, and they come in a complete paired set. At AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd., we offer head-liners for trucks that are used to replace current liners or add a custom design to your basic pickup.

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